So that happened. Life. The band kind of broke up, the fire semi-extinguished and the games got lost along the way. It’s just me now, Rúben, but Wobbly Stars certainly isn’t over yet. Yet. Cheese, can you believe it? Of course you can. Please be excited and check back often for what will hopefully be a beautiful rebirth of this loving journey to make some awesome games.

Hello World!

Hello and welcome to the Wobbly Stars Studios website. We are a small team working on small games, doing our thing and having fun along the way. I am so excited to finally be making games and one day share our games with you, I do hope you like playing them as much as I enjoy making them.

Now for a quick round of introductions, Wobbly Stars is comprised of me @rubenjpneves as the amateur coder, @arietsang as our game designer / sound gal, @ivorawr as our graphics artist and Lars as, well, he’s still deciding on a title.

Now I speak for myself, but so far the biggest challenge has been setting up this blog, and youtube, g+, facebook and twitter accounts and getting into this weird space, this idea, that games not only have to be good, they also have to be out there on your social media things and gaming websites, so this is the first step towards that. Great.